WoW Classic Burning Crusade pre-patch is going live today

Today’s the day for WoW Classic players to start leveling their Blood Elves and Draenei because the game’s pre-patch ahead of The Burning Crusade Classic is going live today. That means the two new races are available for players to make and play, along with all of the talent and mechanical changes going live, with two weeks remaining until the actual experience of The Burning Crusade is live on the game’s servers. So get in there and start enjoying the new classic features!

Blizzard has confirmed that the pre-patch will likely be accessible on US servers as soon as upkeep concludes today (May 18), although you’ll have to attend till May 19 in the event you’re on the European servers.

Maintenance for American servers is because of kick off at 7am PDT / 10am EDT although we don’t know the way lengthy it’ll final. It could possibly be so long as eight hours, although you by no means know what would possibly pop up. Over in Europe, in the meantime, upkeep kicks off at 6am BST tomorrow (May 19).

After the maintenance has been completed, the pre-patch for BC Classic should be installed and available. The times can shift a little, sometimes the maintenance work is finished earlier, sometimes it takes longer due to unforeseen problems.

The release date and time for the WoW Classic pre-patch will vary slightly depending on your region, as the development team will be deploying server maintenance and different times around the world.

You DO NOT NEED to spend $ 15 to play with your character. It is not mandatory. What is, is choosing which version of the game you want to see your characters evolve into. You can very well wait several months to purchase a clone.

Well, assuming that you have your character moving forward into the game’s first expansion rather than staying behind in the vintage Classic experience, since you’ll also need to make that choice upon logging into your characters in WoW Classic. So that’s another new feature being added with the pre-patch. It’s a pretty significant one, even. Many new old-fashioned experiences all around!

You’re additionally getting the prospect to nab a headstart on levelling up your Draenei in the event you’re a part of the Alliance or the Blood Elf if the Horde is extra your sort of factor. Blood Elves can play as Paladins, which was beforehand unique to the Alliance, so it’s a nifty one. Draenei, in the meantime, can specialise as Shamans, one thing different Alliance races can’t do.

In addition, the Digital Deluxe Edition of BC Classic will be available for purchase from tomorrow. In it you can find for 70 US dollars:
  •     The Reawakened Phased Hunter mount for BC Classic
  •     The mount Viridian phase hunter for retail WoW
  •     an effect for your Hearthstone (Dark Portal)
  •     the toy Illidan's path
  •     30 days of playtime
  •     a character boost to level 58, so that you can start immediately with BC Classic

Upgraded characters can ride straight away, receive a mount suitable for their race, weapon skills, bags and equipment. They also have access to many flight routes and are given some gold.

The boosts cannot be used on draenei and blood elves. You also have to wait 24 hours before entering dungeons and raids. So use the boost in good time when you have decided on a character.

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