Aion Classic players raise fresh pay-to-win alarms

Aion Classic was a big hit in Korea following its launch last November, with quarterly revenue for the game nearly tripling since its implementation. It’s not as popular now as it was 12 years ago, but if NCSoft can get anything resembling that same response in the Americas, it will be well worth the endeavor.

While there are no doubt plenty of players taking their time to explore this throwback version of the MMORPG, NCsoft is encouraging the community to race as fast and as hard as they can in an effort to obtain a global first. Leaderboards are up on the site tracking which players are ahead in attaining the level cap, PvP supremacy, and more.

Aion Classic raised all the eyebrows this week when it launched with a subscription with what is arguably an economic pay-to-win feature baked right into it.The Aion team has responded to these concerns. Although as of just under a day ago, the message is that the player feedback is being taken to the developers and that they’ll decide what’s best for the game. The post also references an issue with the candy in the Korean version of the game in which players were able to sell it for three times the amount, and notes that that issue is not what’s happening here.

Going into details, the best items can be purchased for $ 300 if desired. And for $ 5 to buy items that can then be sold for millions of coins. Similar problems arose in the South Korean version of the game, but there, apparently, the developers have moderated their appetites.

As a result, the game chat was literally destroyed by gold sellers in the first day, the economy was beating in its dying convulsions, and in the meantime, the players suffered from queues and a sick desire to cook on them.

So, it seems this is going to be one of those ‘wait and see’ things. It is worth noting that some players aren’t bothered with this particular issue at all. However, that may change once the launch week period is over and free-to-play players have their Siel’s Aura benefits limited to one hour a day. At that point, not only will XP and Kinah gain from combat and quests drop beyond that hour, but players will also not be able to use the auction house or set up shops. Crafting and gathering will be restricted as well.

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