Aurora Legend, designed particularly for the casual gamers out there

Aurora Legend is the latest title by Rastar Games, designed particularly for the casual gamers out there. At its core, it’s an adventure game with most of the elements that we’ve come to expect from titles of this genre. However, it also offers many features geared toward automation. In this sense, even those who don’t have much time to play can unlock most of the content with minimal interaction. Nevertheless, while this game is excellent for those on a tight schedule, there are still many things to do if you want to prevail after every battle.

The game is set in the once beautiful and peaceful world of Aurora where it was not the same ever again after demons made their villainous entrance to seize everything, causing absolute chaos all over the world. To fight back, several heroes banded together to repel the threat but it was too late as Aurora was already left in ruins. To restore the peace, the heroes are tasked with defeating the remaining demons and to rebuild Aurora.

You will need help such as experience books to upgrade your heroes and many other resources, the Aurora Legend cheats will be offering you these services for free.:

Get Started
If you are reading this Aurora Legend review at the day it was posted, then you must have been waiting for the release date, as we have been testing the game on its beta version earlier on.

We will begin with the main basics that every new player must know.

    Always select the server highlighted with the green color of best performance
    Try to start your journey in newly created servers
    Keep the Aurora Legend cheats by your side

Moving now the next phase, which is the character creation. You may select a name for your character and the gender. It is recommended to pick a name that is short as possible to be easily recognized.

Start in a fresh world!
Explore the ancestral mysteries of Aurora's, join hundreds of heroes, learn about their tales and combine their special skills, and participate in an infinite number of adventures.

Share the Experience
Form a team with other adventurers to war the remnants of darkness together via multiplayer bounties and co-op raids!

Battle Power and Difficulty
Like in many other mobile games, the strength of your team in Aurora Legend is measured by a single number, battle power. You can find your BP at any time on the top of the screen, beside your avatar. This number is increased by several means such as through the number of characters currently assigned to your team, as well as the levels, gear, and skills of each unit. While the quality of the unit will impact your overall BP significantly, their skills and equipment are pivotal to ensuring your success at any point in the game.

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The level of the companion or the main character will play a vital role in Aurora world. The higher your level, the more features will get unlocked. We cannot ignore the huge improvement in the attack, defense and even the health points…

    Each character in your team will come with its own special skills. Each skill will be good against certain type of enemies and deal much higher damage than the regular ones.
    The rewards will be shown on the top left corner in a small box; it will have a maximum capacity, so you should claim it frequently.

You can also combine two heroes together to get the best out of both worlds; this shall enhance your powers.

In addition to that, players can now earn the hero, Victoria, in the Gacha system within a limited-time period only. Victoria is a powerful 3-star long range mage and pairing her with a Healer would usually mean trouble for your enemies.

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