Continent Of The Ninth released its Ancient Arena update

Webzen announced today that the latest update for their action MMORPG, Continent of the Ninth Seal—also known as C9—will be launching tomorrow after scheduled maintenance. The update will introduce a new dungeon, but the primary addition in this update is the Ancient Arena. It is being introduced alongside a PvP tournament system.

The Ancient Arena is a new arena for players of level 51 or higher. Players will be tasked with defeating one monster within a two minute round. They can attempt the arena once per day and entry will require an Ancient Arena ticket. The arena will have two-week seasons that will reward players at the end based on their performance. A new addition, Growth Stones, will be one of the prizes. These allow players to "increase their gear stats according to their rank while the season is in progress."

After the update has been applied, which will be done after a scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, November 24th 2015, characters with a level of 51 or higher can  delve into the Ancient Arena, situated in the world of Glenheim. There they’ll attempt to defeat one monster (1v1) within two minutes per round, once a day. To enter the arena, players will ened to talk to the Portal Mage with the invitation ticket, and click on “Enter Ancient Arena”. A different monster will appear each round, and the round ends when players defeat the monster, die, or when the time limit has been reached. If you want to Buy C9 Online (US) Gold, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it's very safe.

After each season ends, players will receive various rewards, including the brand new “Growth Stones”. These stones enable players to increase their gear stats according to their rank while the season is in progress. A new season kicks off every two weeks, so if you do not do well in one, you won’t have to wait too long to try again and be better!

In addition to all this PvE goodness, PvP enthusiasts with a level of 45 or higher can take part in a new 1v1 PvP tournament every Sunday, with winners gaining special Auspice and several other rewards. Along with these new features, the update introduces many improvements to the game, such as the Fishing Bait & Auspice Exchange System and the Hero Support Chest Rework.
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