Getting these tips, you will become a skillful fighter in Kingdom warriors

The game loosely uses the warring states period of China. Your avatar is one of the various characters within this period. You must learn the ins and outs of their skills and abilities to bring glory to the kingdom you represent, However, Kingdom Warriors presents a twist to the whole setup with the emergence of the national treasures. According to the story lore, whoever brings all 9 national treasures together will become the new emperor.

Players will have control of 40+ heroes and can grow the number of forces at their command. Each unit and the hero can be upgraded with items and equipment as well. Lastly, there both a team PvP component and cooperative adventuring alongside guild battles.

The game takes place in the fractured post-Han dynasty world. You and your companions are free to loot and quest all across the lands, but eventually it becomes essential to set up a base of operations and develop your own army. While the roaming and adventuring feels like a MMORPG, battles between rival factions take on a distinctly RTS feel.

Here are some cheats and tricks for Kingdom Warriors:

1. Learning Proper Rounding Techniques
Learning proper rounding techniques should be learning before or during the battle.

2. Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade!
Don’t overlook your equipment. This is the key to successfully winning stages when your Might is low. There are several stages of upgrading. Not only do you need to find better gear, you have to strengthen each piece of gear and then work on forging, enchanting and putting together potential set bonuses.

3. Getting behind enemies
You might think that attacking enemies from behind in Kingdom Warriors would be unethical. But no! You must understand that everything is fair in this battle. If you attack from behind, you would be able to do more damage to the opponent side and you will be able to save your energy and life meter as well.

4. Controls
There are 3 ways to play Warriors Kingdom. Manual, Semi-auto and Full auto. Manual means you have complete control over your characters movement and abilities. Semi-auto means the computer will control your movements and standard attack but you still control your abilities. Full auto, the computer will do everything for you, although it doesn’t mean it will be the most practical or efficient way of combat.

5. Participating in Co-operation Quests
 By participating in Co-op quests, the strength of the character is increased manifold.

Kingdom Warriors also uses the star rarity system for the various heroes/generals you acquire in-game. The game follows the trend of being able to improve the star rating of the low starred characters which in turn increases their stats and damage output.  

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