Metro Exodus story had a chance to be truly great

4A Games’ first two games in the Metro series rest among the pinnacle of first-person shooters of the last generation. The dark, decrepit tunnels of Moscow’s post-apocalyptic Metro system were a haunting and memorable series of tightly designed subways and passageways that always induced a restrictive sense of claustrophobia.

With Metro Exodus, 4A Games expands the scope significantly, taking the player out of Moscow on a grand and perilous journey east. The result is a breathtaking and personal tale about the interplay between faith and survival.

In Metro Exodus, Artyom is desperate to prove that it is still possible to live on the radiation-infested surface of the world. Due to the nuclear war that led to humanity’s extinction, all kinds of mutated creatures roam the surface while radiation makes it impossible to survive for long. Despite these major problems, Artyom still carries the hope that perhaps some glimpse of humanity is available on the surface and tries hard to prove it by taking expeditions that put him at odds with the authorities.

The Metro games have been known for their graphics and atmosphere. Metro Exodus is no exception, as it feels almost oppressively atmospheric from the very beginning. It has an insanely detailed world, with graphics that come close to photorealism at times. The character models aren’t always the best, but the facial animations are impressive. The fidelity is just outstanding, and makes everything in Metro a pleasure to experience.

The increased scale brings with it a greater amount of player freedom. While the story remains literally on rails, its tracks transport you far beyond the Moscow metro, stopping in several enormous, explorable locations. One of these sees you wading through the half-frozen marshlands around the Volga River, while in another you drive a battered camper van across the dried-out bed of the Caspian Sea.

In fact, much of Metro feels unrewarding. As you move from mission to mission, you’re constantly earning weapons, attachments, and the means to craft them, but they come at such a high rate that they never feel like they’re hard-earned. It doesn’t help that many of the missions you fight through are by-the-numbers shooter levels in open environments. For a lot of outside missions, you can plant yourself in a corner and take out more than half of your enemies from afar. If you take damage, simply crouch in a corner and craft a healing item—no biggie.

Visually, it is a great looking game and more impressively, there is even a dynamic day and night cycle which took me with surprise. The game runs at a native 4K resolution on the Xbox One X so the image quality looks quite sharp, but it suffers from some performance related issues and bugs that can occasionally lock you out of the game. This is something that could get patched out in time for launch but still crops up at times.

Metro Exodus’story had a chance to be truly great, but its characters (or lack of characterization) really drags it down. Fortunately, the game itself is mostly fun, and gorgeous—despite the technical issues I ran into.  The sums of its parts aren’t enough to elevate it to legendary greatness, but Metro Exodus is certainly something that is worth checking out.

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