Mortal Online 2 is the long awaited sequel to Star Vaults long running first person sandbox MMORPG

Still without a definite debut date, Mortal Online 2, by Star Vault AB, is still in full development and, occasionally, players receive curious news, which can raise the level of anxiety. This time, for example, the devs released a new patch and highlighted the introduction of a Gore System. That is, with this functionality, the fighting will become more violent and visceral… let's go to the details?

Mortal Online 2 is not like other MMOs. In Mortal Online 2, any player can at any point attack another player and take everything they own. This makes every encounter with another player a dangerous affair that could result in great loss. It also greatly increase the importance of having strong allies by your side or a powerful guild to back you up.

The combat system so far plans to have melee weapon groups for the initial game. This includes one and two-handed swords, one and two handed axes, daggers, one and two handed hammers, poleaxes, poleswords, spears, and shields.

The group identified lack of animation fluidity as a weakness early on. To that end, they’ve upgraded this system. They’ve also begun work on normalizing low and high ping to the synchronized system on their servers.

Via a press release from Star Vault:

    Mortal Online 2 is the long awaited sequel to Star Vault’s long running first person sandbox MMORPG. In Mortal Online 2 you get to explore a massive sandbox world with full PvP and full loot. This makes every fight an adrenaline fueled encounter not for the faint of heart. Mortal Online 2 has no classes or levels; instead it features an open ended skill system where the player gains points in skills simply by using them.

In addition to the lack of levels and classes, Mortal Online 2 will limit your account to a single character, detailing that this change is due to a change in the skill-system, making each character more versatile and not as constrained as Mortal Online 1's hyper-focused character roles.

In addition to the Gore System, the patch promoted some general adjustments in gambling. In this sense, the highlights go to optimizations in Artificial Intelligence, improvements in the synchronization of deaths, new areas of exploration and new sound effects. Obviously, this is just the “tip of the Iceberg”, since the list of modifications presented covers a large series of elements. Therefore, if you have been following the development of Mortal Online 2 closely, I suggest that you be sure to check the publication that was released on the official website of the project. Anyway, we can say that the title continues to evolve well and promises to please different types of players.

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