The iconic stairs from Todd Phillip's Joker have been recreated in Far Cry 5

With Joker smashing box office records and quickly becoming the hottest discussion point in the movie world over the last few months, it makes sense that the supervillain origin story would eventually see some sort of video game crossover. As it turns out, one now-iconic scene from the movie has made its debut in the video game world, albeit, not in a title you’d initially expect.

A video posted by YouTuber "Mojo Swoptops" shows the channel owner creating the infamous set of steps from the film within Far Cry 5’s map editor, the finished product looking eerily similar to its real-life counterpart. The sequence the location is pulled from has become a relatively prominent piece of ideology for the film since its first trailer, with Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker dancing on the set of steps after being seen in his clown makeup and suit for the first time. If you want to know where to buy Far Cry 5 Silver Bars, will be your best choice.

One of the more interesting decisions in the creation of modern video games is the decision to focus on adding ways for folks to add their own spins to the game. Custom maps, easy modding, level builders, and more have only become more prevalent with time, and it's made for some particularly interesting mashups. The YouTube channel Mojo Swoptops, for example, is basically just one long list of iconic locations and scenes recreated in Far Cry 5 using the game's built-in tools. And one of the latest and greatest just so happens to be the aforementioned Joker scene.

Although there has been much controversy surrounding Joker, the title has done surprisingly well at the box-offices, especially considering reports which suggest its small budget was meant to ruin the movie during production. With users going out of their way to visit locations from the film both in real life and in video games, Joker has clearly made some sort of a cultural impact since it's release. Since no video game based on the film has been announced and most likely never will, fan recreations offer players the closest possible substitute, and judging from everything level artist duncsmaps had made so far, there is no limit to what can be recreated in Far Cry 5's map editor.
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