The latest update for World of Tanks adds ray tracing to the game

The latest update for World of Tanks is a pretty big deal, at least when it comes to rendering. The update adds ray tracing to the game, but most importantly, it doesn’t rely on Nvidia RTX graphics cards. Now, I’ve said this a million times, ray tracing isn’t an Nvidia feature. Their RTX cards are just the only dedicated accelerators for RT. Ray Tracing is a feature of DX12. Now, this is where it gets complicated. This new demo features ray tracing that also runs in DirectX 11! Basically, it’s their own implementation of the technology and was created with Intel, albeit, it’ll still work on AMD CPUs, this is purely a software thing.

Wargaming has released their WOT enCore RT demo, a benchmarking tool which will allow gamers to test the performance impact of the company's raytracing implementation while also looking at its graphical impact. In this demo, raytracing is disabled by default, though additional options of Off, High, Maximum and Ultra will be available.

Wargaming's implementation of real-time raytracing utilises a combined CPU and GPU approach, using Intel's Embree library to create Bound Volume Hierarchy's (BVH) to allow the user's graphics card to conduct raytracing calculations with a relatively low performance impact using compute shaders. This is much faster than completing both tasks using a graphics card. This solution also enables ray tracing in World of Tanks through DirectX 11 without specialised graphics technology or new APIs. All you need is a relatively new processor and a DirectX 11 compatible graphics card. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe World of Tanks Gold For Sale.

What this means is that the CPU does the ray-tracing calculations before passing the numbers on to the GPU to render just like any normal graphics process. It’s a clever workaround, and I bet we see developers get really damn innovative and efficient at finding more ways over the coming years.

The demo features four ray tracing modes; off, high, maximum and ultra. I’m not sure how you can have ultra after maximum, but they do. It’ll work on any DirectX 11 graphics card so that obviously includes AMD and Nvidia cards. I bet it also helps pave the way for the upcoming Intel GPUs too. Keep in mind, the RT setting isn’t on by default in the benchmark.
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