The new edition of the eSerieA for eFootball PES 2021 is about to start

Turn on your consoles, connect them to the internet ... off you go! The new edition of the eSerieA for eFootball PES 2021 is about to start, which will compare the eSports teams of the top Italian championship.

The most complicated grouping will be the group A. They will think about raising the level Juventus is Rome Esports, which in recent months have been fighting with the top European teams in eFootball.Pro with good results. There will also be space for Lazio Esports, Parma Esports and Spezia. Atalanta inserted in the group B with Torino Esports Team, Sampdoria and Crotone. Sassuolo Esports, Bologna, Cagliari and Genoa Esports will make up the group C. Udinese Esports, Benevento | Pyramidea Gaming, Hellas Verona Esports and Fiorentina Esports in group D.

The official challenges of the eSerie A 2021 are played with the real FIFA teams, so AC Milan gamers will use Pioli's players (who, among other things, will have a special aesthetic since the Rossoneri club, like Inter, has opened a partnership with EA Sports for FIFA 21); Manol Neto (MNETO77), Pedro Resende (PRESENDE97) and Richard Renato Romeo (RRICH97) will also be able to manage the tactics of Lukaku and Barella as they wish. But not only that. The teams are fut teams and gamers will be able to compose their team at will, choosing gold or silver players or icons, building the formation they want. In practice, it is no wonder that platini and Maldini or Cristiano Ronaldo are still on the pitch with Inter.

After the qualifiers last November and December, with thousands of participants, this was the best stage in which to show your talent with the DualShock 4 in hand, and impress your dream team. Through the Draft, the gamers who have most distinguished themselves have thus carved out a coveted place in training alongside the official pro-players of the individual teams. Below is the list of Serie A eSports teams participating in this event:

    Hellas Verona

The 4 groups of eSerie A (PES 2021)

Group A
Lazio, Juventus, Parma, Spezia, Rome

Group B
Atalanta, Turin, Sampdoria, Crotone

Group C
Sassuolo, Bologna, Cagliari, Genoa

Group D
Udinese, Benevento, Hellas Verona, Fiorentina

The order of choice was decided via Lottery, and saw F.C. Crotone E-Sports, followed by Sampdoria Esports, Udinese Esports up to Bologna FC 1909 Esports Easy Restructuring, to conclude. The Regular Season of the eSerie A TIM eFootball PES 2021 will start on March 30th.

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