This guide is going to give you the lowdown on making a crafter smith

It cannot be denied that the need for weapons and armor in Toram Online is very much needed by players. And not a few also want equipment produced from NPCs or drops from bosses or other monsters.

Feeling crafty? DPS getting you down? Just flat out broke? Blacksmithing could be your solution (or downfall). This guide is going to give you the lowdown on making a crafter smith, the dos, the don'ts & of course the hows.

The following are the types of Blacksmith char and Build char Blacksmith Toram Online

Types of Blacksmith Toram
Before moving on to make char Blacksmith, it's a good idea to know the types of Blacksmiths in Toram Online. In general, in Toram the types of char blacksmith are sorted based on the point base stat used, namely: STR, INT,VIT,AGI,DEX

Which means basically there are 5 kinds of char blacksmith. But the most important thing in making char Blacksmith is the potential it generates. And each base point stat that is added will generate potential in different equipment.

What is blacksmith difficulty
Difficulty is a condition for making equipment, more higher your difficulty more equipment you can create (success)
example : if you want create water staff with item level 30 so at least your difficulty must 40 or more, if your difficulty same with item level, the success rate will be very low. so i recommended increase your difficulty before create equip you want.

What is potential? The potential or pot contained in weapons or armor is like a container that is used to fill stat (fill stat) on equipment, the more potential, the better. And here as a char blacksmith you must be able to create equipment with an ideal potential number.

The potential itself is obtained based on the base point stat that you fill in and each base point that is filled in will add potential for different equipment, you can see it below to find out.

- Every 10 STR stat adds 1 potential for 2H
- Every 20 STR stat adds 1 potential for 1H, Bow and Halberd

- Every 10 INT stat adds 1 potential for Staff
- Every 20 INT stats adds 1 potential to Magic Devices

- Every 10 VIT stats adds 1 potential for Armor

- Every 10 AGI stats adds 1 potential for Knucle
- Every 20 AGI stats adds 1 potential for Halberd, Magic Device and Katana

- Every 10 DEX stats adds 1 potential for Bowgun
- Every 20 DEX stats adds 1 potential for 1H, Bow, Katana

So, for example, if you want to make a blacksmith STR chat, then you can make 2H, 1H, Bow and Halberd equipment. Can you make armor? It is possible but the resulting potential will not be much.

You should wear equipment with +DEX stats to increase your diff.
-Custom made weapon which is wearable with daggers, +13 DEX and +13 STR stats
-Custom made armor +13 DEX and +13 STR
-Fighter Chignon Cap (gives +6 DEX)
-Army Knife (gives +2 DEX)
-Dexterity Talisman III (gives +6 DEX)
Make shure these items are slotted so you can put DEX+3 and DEX+2 xtals in them!
Wearing +13 STR will increase the pot of few weapon types.

How to become blacksmith​:
buy skill smith on library ( up to lv2)
refine equipment ( lv5 )
create equipment ( lvl 10 )
carefull creation ( lvl 10 )
upgrade equipment ( lvl 10 ) ( optional )
novice anvil ( lvl 10 )

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