Wizardry Online is incredibly difficult with bunches of complex mazes

Wizardry Online is a free to play hardcore dark fantasy MMORPG from Sony, featuring permanent death for characters using the ‘soul system’, whereby players can level not only their character, but their soul, too. When characters die, they stay dead, but their soul and it’s level live on, allowing you to create a new character but continue to maintain a sense of overall progression. It’s visually dated, which is disappointing given the publisher, but should provide a unique experience for those craving the hardcore side of MMORPG life.

Wizardry Online has four classes, Fighter, Thief, Priest, and Mage. The older games had more classes like Samurai and Ninjas so I am hoping those will be added later. There are five races to choose from; Human, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, and Porkul. Gnome is the female versions of dwarfs with different stats. Porkul are very small creatures that are about thigh high to a human. You can also pick your alignment, lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic. Alignment blocks some classes. For example, you cannot be a Burglar if you choose Lawful. By the way, is the professional Wizardry Online (US) Gold store. We promise that our gold is 100% safe and cheapest.

The game requires group: Wizardry Online is a game you don't flourish in when flying solo. The in-game group finder goes a long way to ensure that you can always find a few fellow adventurers to complete the traditional tank-DPS-healer trifecta, which becomes invaluable when scouring the various dungeons. Quests and other tasks are assigned via hub worlds, and most of the action takes place deep in the heart of sewers and labyrinthine tunnels rife with puzzles. Considering you're spending time within smaller cramped spaces populated with high-level players, you're going to want someone watching your back at all times, and traveling alone is a great way to meet your permanent end much faster.

Even though the game feels very claustrophobic, the dungeons are challenging. You have a lot to explore and puzzle to solve to open the next boss fight. There is a decent number of different monsters to kill. Even at higher levels, experience from killing and questing in the dungeons moves you along at a good pace. Combat is where you end up ferreting out the fun, which is often overshadowed by the messy UI and more brown graphics than a desert-themed first-person shooter. Active attack and defense moves are natural and much more kinetic than those of traditional MMO hotkey combat. As long as you can successfully sustain your health and mana (which do not regenerate), you're on your way to looting other players' corpses instead of littering each pathway with your hours of earned items and gold.
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